IPv6 stands for Internet Protocol version 6. It is the second version of the Internet Protocol to be used generally across the virtual world, with the first version being IPv4. IPv4 is still the protocol of choice for most of the Internet, however, the transition to IPv6 is steadily underway. IPv4 32-bit addresses, due to the growth of the Internet, have become a scarce and valuable commodity. Organizations have gone to great lengths to deal with the shortage and high cost of IPv4 addresses. IPv6 is the future of Internet addressing, because IPv4 is close to running out of available addresses space. With less than a year's worth of Internet addresses left, as industry professionals predicted in July 2010, the call for the technology industry to move faster to adopt the next-generation Internet protocol is growing louder.
The differences between IPv6 and IPv4 are in five major areas: addressing and routing, security, network address translation, administrative workload, and support for mobile devices. One of the main differences in IPv6, is in the number of addresses available for networked devices. For example, each mobile phone or other kind of electronic device can have its own IPv6 address. The most visible change in IPv6 is that addresses balloon from 32-bits to 128-bits, example: 3ffe:1900:4545:3:200:f8ff:fe21:67cf. IPv4 addresses have 32 bits in them and so allow a maximum of four billion addresses, while IPv6 addresses have 128 bits. With such a huge address space, ISPs will have sufficient IP addresses to allocate enough addresses to every customer, so that every IP device/website has a truly unique address---whether it’s behind a firewall or not.

Empire Intelligent® is one of the first budget hosting providers to make IPv6 addressing service available end-to-end on its entire product line: including Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), & Co-Location. Empire Intelligent® clientele can get a head start configuring their services for IPv6, or just utilize an inexpensive VPS package to just learn how to configure/utilize IPv6 for future needs.


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